Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Hex was on…

And not that hex.

(reverting back to 4wt Avid) + (using Dutch double-ply field pants for wet-wading experiment) + (hotter than hell) + (wedging in fishing hours in a tight spot right before big work presentation) + (fishing never-before-seen-water) = hexed outing resulting in failure and running into barbwire and leaving flies in trees and bringing only one fish to hand.

The only good thing was the company and now that I jot a note or two I realize we should have just swapped flies/materials, drank coffee and pondered a thing or two. The formula spells failure and it sure did spell it out nice and clear. For a better report, by a guy who was a better fisherman on this day, go here. I was fishing in his shadow on this morning. He caught a fish on a lady bug fly made of Gorilla Glue for crying out loud.

Not all days can be epic. I know that. Okay.

I’m mildly put off now, because it’s hot and the streamside veg is getting intense and I haven’t encountered a well-defined hatch for a while. Time to think carp.


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