Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Salad Growing Weather

It's been a lettuce windfall: the 2009 plants survived the winter in the coldframe, and now they sit, robust and healthy in the garden... giving us all the greens we could want. Kind of feels like we pulled something tricky there but it was more like good fortune. And this little patch produces big time: bowl after bowl of monopa spinach, Amish deer tongue and a couple others I can't remember right now. Cool weather has been good to the plants (we've just barely touched 60 F since 5/5/10). And the lettuce is downright pretty. And the chives grow in the front yard with no maintenance.

And the nettles grow and sting the sh*t out of you when you're fishing so it's only right that a person harvest them and eat them up. This is the first year I've tried it, but it's a pretty well known fact: they are good food and very multi-dimensional fare. Thus far, we've steamed and eaten like spinach.


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