Sunday, May 09, 2010

Swapped April for May

That's about what we've done it seems. Haven't really touched 60 F air temp since May 5th or thereabouts. Day or night. Cool, gray and drizzly. Haven't been fishing much but last week I bumped out for just a short bit with my friend and neighbor. Highlights included watching him roll over sweet loops with a ~7 foot fiber glass rod, and meeting a trout sage on the stream and chatting a bit.

Not too many fish were caught, and no real hatches materialized for us to latch onto. I resorted to fishing small streamers up and across and that worked pretty damn well. Pulled fish out of subtle, dark bellies even. Places I usually walk on by. May have touched a dozen fish. Kept three. One had to go back, for the fact it was within a protected slot. We got out the only evening last week that wasn't dogmeat weather. Waiting now for an opening and it looks like it's coming soon.