Friday, September 14, 2018

August Trout Fishing into Early September

Not a lot of time to dedicate to it.  But what we had was good.  Now thinking about the marsh and then some deer hunts coming.


Called this one.  Fish there every time.



Stocker bows.  Need to be smoked.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Ontario, Canada

Hudson Bay Drainage, 51.4 degrees north
August 2018
250-275 walleye caught by entire party
Thank you to our hosts

Monday, August 13, 2018

Kid on the Columbia River.  Been waiting to see it.

First carp on fly from Big C.

John Montana gave his day over to guide and mentor.

Way into backing.  Notable thing for a kid to learn to let fish have way with you for a while.

12 lber; congrats buddy and thanks again JM.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Lake Michigan 2018: Fish Pics and Tally

Year 2013 was dramatically low water as noted in previous post; that year was the 20x20 meaning top twenty fish caught were all >= 20 lbs.  A feat that we figured hadn't been done prior and wouldn't be done subsequently.  This year we did get to 24 fish of 20+ lbs, but we didn't get the heaviest twenty fish or the heaviest 24 fish (if we assume (safely) that the 21st - 24th biggest fish in 2013, while unrecorded, were 19 lbers).

We weigh fish with digital scales, subtract tare for net.  We generally only scale fish that are close to (or obviously greater than) 20 lbs.  Or mirror carp.


Number fish 20+ lbs: 24
Total weight: 544 lbs
Average: 22.66 lbs


Number fish 20+ lbs: 20
Total weight: 471lbs
Average: 23.55 lbs
Assuming next four fish were 19 lbs each, top 24 fish average: 22.79 lbs

There are no photos that I can find of the first day.  We spent it walking around the "old" water meaning that which was good when the water was low.  We found some tough fish that wouldn't eat. Found one fish that would eat; it was caught; only fish to hand while wearing the new black hat (excluding bass of which we caught a few).  Changed to the old one the next day and went to the new water.  We never left it.  Unsure how many carp we caught overall but it was many.  Multiple dozens per day for three days straight.

Remarkable settings.  Giant fish in shallow water set in stunning landscape.  

27 lber

15 lber

26 lber

They say the black ones don't eat.

30 lber.  Deep water setting.  I watched the pack approach and exclaimed that the biggest was the one in the middle.  They passed me and got to JM; he put a leech in perfect presentation on the big; I saw the fish from behind turn to the fly.  Quite a deal of backing was taken.  When I saw the fish in the net I thought it was going to be a PB for him but it scaled at thirty.  I believe his sixth (?) 30+ lb carp.  Just a monster, big-looking ridiculous fish.  Second 30+ fish we've landed on Lake Michigan.  

21 or 23 lber

Last fish of the trip for me at 23 lbs.  We both broke off mid-20s fish on the last day too; we were very close to 26 fish above the threshold.  Both silly good eats - watched the fish saunter to fly and pick it up.  Mine shattered a tippet knot at the time of hookset; had tied on tippet to get fly down in deep water; compromise that didn't work out.

Many other pics and many other fish; don't take as many photos though, and it's now harder for me to manage the images from devices to computer; I'm getting behind in that regard.  This is a favorite image though, captured by JM.  Walking lonely water in remote setting.