Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Lake Michigan water levels - past and forecasted.
Dashboard for water levels here.  Low end of the predicted range for June 2021 would put it around 2018 water level.


Monday, March 22, 2021

Gamakatsu Carp Specialist R hook notes

[Just notes that I can return to later for reference and study.]

Bought sizes 2, 4 and 6 from Bass Pro Shops.  Best price I could find at $4.29 per pack of 10.  Silly sharp hooks, and they feel basically unbreakable.

The hook gap is big; shank is short.  The #2 hook is so "tall" that I was thinking it might tip over without big DB eyes.  So I've been using the size "large" DB eyes and they keep it upright (along with splayed out bunny, legs, etc for stability).  I think for general use the #4 is the best all around.  The 2 hook is pretty damn big.  The 6 probably has no place in Lake Michigan fly box but would be great for patterns used in MN.  I did a lot of smaller bunny leeches using the 4 hook.

#2 hook with size large DB eyes.  An iteration of the FYI fly that we used back in 2013.

Friday, January 29, 2021

 82 lbs Venison in Freezer Going Forward

Seared strap

These are the products on which we focusing lately.

Mid-October fawn buck loins compared to early January fawn buck loins.

 January 2021 CWD Hunt Harvest in Sequenced Photos


Good news is that projected 2021 water levels are at or below those of 2020.  So likely worst case is water level very similar to last year.  Reasonable chance it drops relative to June 2020.  Data and forecasts here.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Moon captured via trail camera.


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Deer Hunting Notes for File 2020

Early antlerless - MEA.  Yearling at new farm.  Had to work pretty hard to net 20 lbs; almost zero meat waste.  Exceedingly tender.
Word was that these were some of the best steaks ever consumed in our house (from yearling).


November rolled out pretty well.  Some bucks harvested by our party; lot of bloody clothing, dragging down gullies and building gut piles.

Who knew a guy could shoot two one-antlered bucks in the span of seven years.  

Tracked a friend's deer; found this on the blood trail.

Buddy shot this big one.

In the orchard at new farm; spent a lot of time watching deer at this trail intersection.

The six pointer (three pointer) yielded just over 40 lbs.

Tend to cut the roast pieces into steaks after defrosting.  Rub with Lawry's, salt, pepper, olive oil; set in fridge for a few days; then grill.  4-5 minutes first side; 3 minutes on the flip.

Kids were gone over MEA so they didn't do the youth season.  They got out a little late, but they both saw deer and both "almost" got shots.  In at least one case a good decision was made to not shoot at a deer that was out of range (I was watching her too).

Have dragged quite a few deer down this gully over time; this one was the monster shot by friend.

We tracked one into the evening.  Lot of blood.  Then the blood trail died at a point at which the deer bedded down for a while.  Started walking likely trails - no blood - found the deer approx 50 yards away, dying, watching me.

Squeezed a lot of these out of my arms and hands.  Broke-off bramble thorns.

Never passed on legal deer much, before this year.  After getting two in freezer, I figured I could watch for a while, hoping to see one of a few certain deer.  Never did get those shots.  Passed on a number of does, yearlings and spikes.  In one instance I had nine deer below me, within 30 yards for 20 minutes.  Not an antler among them.  Saw thirteen total that night.

Getting good vibe for next year - I think it'll be the season for both my sons to get deer.  Will continue to work and study this new farm; was fun watching them frequent this pond.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Ballistics 2020

Can't buy ammo anywhere.  I visited or called: Scheels, Fleet Farm, Gander Outdoors, Cabelas. Coyote Creek, independent shop in Morristown, another in Albert Lea; checked websites.  You can't find that slow Winchester sabot anywhere.  1350 fps.  Those shoot pretty well out of my gun/barrel.  The higher powered stuff doesn't do as well, the trials would confirm.  Fleet Farm told me that whenever they get shipments, guys come in and buy everything on the shelves.  Some form of paranoia/etc. lingering it seems.  Unfortunately this is impacting the common man deer hunter.  

As such, I bought the slowest sabot I could find (at Coyote Creek - they are the only folks limiting the number of boxes per person, per day (1)): these Remington coppers at 1450 fps.  I had ten of the Winchesters on hand from last year.  Being they are apparently scarce, I decided to just shoot two of them; keep eight for the season.  Then I shot three of the coppers - they mixed in really well at 50 yards.  I had some of the Hornady from previous fall trials but those at 2000 fps shoot 8-12 high at 50 yards; I could adjust my red dot to that group if needed, but for now I have a few boxes of slow sabots that will work.

At 50 yards, this group more than sufficient.  Most shots in bluff country range 15-40 yards.  I'd like to get this rifled barrel over on the 100 yard range; just see how it shoots at that distance.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

They coming into the licking post but just a bit too late.