Wednesday, November 23, 2016

BWCA 2016 Days Six and Seven
September 1-2

7:55 AM largie.  Clean looking fish.

Dad and I switched up for the last couple days: I went solo and he manned the three-seater.  It was cool to see it from afar.  Some gunners in that pic right there; long arcing paths of heavy lures.

Tried poppers of various sizes and makes.  Some from store; some from shop in basement.  This one is a nice subtle commercial make; sits pretty low and makes muted gurgles (as compared to monster rip pops).  So many fish though it would have been difficult to conclude that one popper make/size/color was better than any other.

Many fish in this range of 16-17".  I put this one at 17 based on the just-visible mark of 18 on the paddle.  SMB: hard pulling fish.  They don't run but they seem to have strength disproportionate to body mass.

Brought a different mug this year and one variation turned out to be big: that nice hook handle.  I could hang from thwart, or from belt.  Example of seemingly minor change that brings great satisfaction.  What else you want from a dashboard is not known: fly rods at hand, paddle, and coffee.  Especially good when the forward gallery is two kids bombing fish.

Primitive container crafted by the boys.

Last mission was to fill it with fish guts and take offsite.

This was the afternoon outing trying to find small bass to eat.  Diffuclt task.  Only way to do it was go way up in a channel and fish shallow water and woody debris; that produced some fish 12-13 inches.  This one here was released.  Those 12er SMB are pretty good fare if you can't find walleyes or pike.

Fish on poppers became routine and so the effort here was focused on composing an image with it all: sunset, loon family, bow of canoe, calm water and bent rod.

Boys in camp.

Last day we fished just the morning.  This ~17 came on second cast.

In the mornings go to where the sun is not yet striking the water.

Camp viewed from the bay.

No waders this year.  Most gear comparmentalized in waterproof sacks.  Always trying to make this system better.  It's pretty good though.

The four remaining on last day (we had three guys head out on two different days preceding).  Here posting picture of a good guy who liked paddling.

In the long BWCA book this was a top chapter.  Three generations.  Kids just lighting up fish every day.  Freedom to be in the dark or by the fire or in the water.  Focus on fishing and then each midday back at camp an unwinding that had permission to go in whatever direction for those guys.  Thanks to the BWCA Director and to all the parents who made it happen; not long and we'll be at it again.


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