Monday, September 19, 2016

BWCA 2016 Day Two
August 28, 2016

Kid made this lure at a workshop some years back.  This pic was taken 8:27 AM on day two to document the scratches and the fact that we had already replaced one of the treble hooks after the ~dozenth fish claimed one.  Some good wear.

Morning LMB taped at 18 inches. Really clean fish with a giant mouth.
Usually take afternoons off but went out with cousin and he logged this fish at 3 PM.  He and The Kid combined for quite a few bonus fish out there in broad daylight.

Campsite is ideal for swimming: large particle granitic sand as far as I can tell.  I thought the whole world up there came of bsalt but I think I looked a map a while back and saw that granite is present at land surface in this particular area.

Evening fish for nephew: 6:45 PM.  Both boys brought exactly three pike and two SMB on this evening, topping out at 16 inches for bass.

Calm nights; topwater was supreme; that RatLTrap made giant splashes ending exceedingly long casts.  Sternsman enjoyed the great arcs.

Night goings-on.

Day two totals for our boat: 16 pike, 6 smallies (16") and one largemouth (18").


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