Thursday, September 29, 2016

BWCA 2016 Day Three
August 29, 2016

Morning session; more of the same.  Doubles.  Many of the cookie cutter pike; nephew got three nice smallies.

Taped at 18 inches.

Think this one was a year (or two) older than the plague year class that they couldn't keep off their lures.  Long and skinny; demon-headed predator; I think one of the top burst speeds of any freshwater fish.

My viewpoint.  Slow paddling; holding steady; a lot of treble hooks and photographs seasoned with fish slime and blood.  Day three and I still had no urge to fish with my own hand as I was thoroughly enjoying manning our canoe and watching these kids do good work. 
Right up to the canoe and this SMB shattered the spinning rod.  He proceeded to land the fish anyway; then stated flatly I'm going to have to give my brother twenty bucks.  Nice fish taped at 16 inches.

Daily down time generally 1100 AM to maybe 230-400 PM.  Not many campsites have sweet beaches; this one is very desirable in that respect.

Evening session.  Both kids hooked slobby largemouth.  Nephew's may have been the biggest LMB of the trip to this point; got it to the boat and even got his hand on it; in course of landing, it broke off his hula popper.  I felt bad re a number of instances of difficulty because as sternsman I couldn't help him land fish; whereas son was literally two feet in front of me in the center seat, so he was afforded more assistance.  In the end they both caught plenty of fish.  This one taped at 17 inches.  Nice work handling and releasing; they got a lot of practice on this trip.
Thirty minutes later boated SMB of same length - 17 inches.  Topwater ripping.  Enough to run a guy's glasses askew.

Nephew pointed out that the cloud formation had appearance of a footballer.  We had this glass condition most nights; like wind was just laying down to make things right for kids looping giant casts with poppers.

Day Three totals for our boat: 11 pike (topping out 4-5 lbs), 9 smallies (18" max), 3 largemouth (17" max).


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Anonymous Fly Fishing Sara said...

Great catches!
Esspecially the pike. Definitely my favorite fresh water fish. I wish they were as easy to catch as trout. Did you ever try fly fishing for pike? I did it a few times so far and I think if I would have to stick to one type of fishing and one fish, it would be pike on the fly:D

12:02 PM  
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