Thursday, March 29, 2018

Didn't get as much winter trouting as we've had in the past couple years.  This largely due to youth athletics and general busy-ness (good things in their own right).  The little we did though confirms to me that my kids are getting old and sometimes they take big steps forward even while being away from something for extended periods of time.  This holds true for sports, fishing, and various other endeavors, engagements and duties.  The pictures herein were taken during a recent outing; just the two of us.  He hadn't touched a fly rod in some time.  Even so, he did a good job of positioning himself, placing his feet, using roll casts and flips (not many backcasts) and making good drifts.  He has for some time been good at discerning eats and setting the hook; fighting the fish.  Maybe still a bit of horse to the fights but getting better.  On this day, my guiding was really only two things (1) the macro approach, meaning where to fish and what holes merited our time and attention, and (2) netting fish.  He also needs work rigging up nymphs, shot and indicator.  I provide the crutch for him on that one, because I do it at the outset and I tend to take care of those needs as they arise on the stream.  I like how is starting to read water; how he knows that foam is home; makes nice presentations.  Handles fish well once in hand.  Overall I believe he is on a pretty good path in terms of angling.  He may at times go away from it (he may well be constrained to do so at various points) but I think the foundation is poured; he will be able to come back to it.

On this day we only fished 2.5 hours and he hooked nine and landed seven.  Showing maturity in not getting upset when he lost one at his feet; understanding the entirety of the outing (and even beyond that really) is the context; within which fish will be landed and caught and generally speaking that is expected and just.

One thing I like to think about is how the boys will return to these places down the road and remember the days shared.