Friday, January 05, 2018

 January 1, 2018

It was cold on NYDay.  But sunny and no wind.  First fish of the year is pictured here.  He was primarily liquid water and here he has gone to solid.  Sacrifices to be made.  16:02 CST.  And worth noting that first potential capture of 2018 was unseen because I set the hook so excitedly I broke off at the knot.  Understandable.  Later, in my kitchen I found that hook.

This whole deal is quite a contrast re stream-running.  There isn't much for scenery.  Little if any movement.  And you can't chase fish down.  You pretty much just set up.  One still line and one jigging line.  Things I like about it though: (1) don't have to travel anywhere; five minutes from home; (2) easy - no gear hassle (we were only people out there with no power auger and no shelter, both of which provide some ease and comfort but in this setting are largely unnecessary), (3) we can keep the fish we catch. 

It was cold so I routinely cleaned the skim ice out of the holes.  On one such circuit I turned around to find a "strike indicator" gone; down the hole.  I exclaimed as much and then missed the fish..  I was just getting ready to chide the kid for not watching while I wasn't watching, when he moved quickly to the adjacent hole and set the hook, presumably on the fish I'd missed.  Good.

This was 17:47.  Which gets to one of the key points: easy action close to home such that you can be holed up enjoying Grand Rapids MN beer (shared gift; thanks buddy) minutes after icing numerous trout.  In no way a replacement for true fish hunting and Driftless valleys but we'll take it and enjoy when it's cold and/or when we want some meat.  Speaking of: we ate those fish (finished with six total) last night.  Filleted them and my wife coated in oil, salt, pepper.  Pan fried and then applied butter/lemon/caper sauce.  We were not left wanting anything else out of a dinner.