Friday, May 02, 2014

Carp Notes

There aren't any showing, far as I can tell. 
(1) While we have not had heavy individual events, the droning precip has kept the main river pretty turbid and likely cold.  I walked it maybe a week ago.  There were zero living organisms noted by naked eye.
(2) I've walked four ponds, three of which showed winter kill of big carp, big bass, suckers, bullheads and panfish.  Varying degrees of biomass lost.  Tended toward bigger fish that have higher oxygen demand.  The pond that did not show winter kill did not give up even a single fleeting flash of any pisces.
(3) Got one report a couple weeks ago of a single carp caught on a fly, up in Cannon watershed at point of a spring inflow to a still waterbody.  That's it. 
Should get going soon.  If any further notes on this matter, please submit.
Using hand-widths, I measured this carp.  Honest estimate is 40 inches +/- 1 inch.  I'd wager that when this fish was fat and happy leading up to spawn, it was bigger than any fish ever caught in this municipality or in SE MN for that matter, outside of cats and sturgeon in big river.  Probably 30+ lbs.  Take out a tape measure and look at 40 inches.  I'd been looking for this fish; wasn't far from my very home.  Found a couple 20+ inch LMB too.


Anonymous Howdy (White Gloved) said...

Caught Three Easter Sunday morning while shirking my responsibilities. Water is still murky. In this particular spot there is a clear inflow, and the carp looked like salmon, stretched out along the flow as far as I could see. Why, I wonder?
Black stonefly was what worked.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Walked around Roch yesterday trying to find carp. Hit two spots. First had great sand flats and what looked like prime water for Carp. Didn't see a single fish. Water was still a tad high and stained. Also walked around SL park, no sign of anything there either. Visibility wasn't too great. Soon, I hope. I'm losing my mind trying to find some carp.

8:39 AM  

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