Thursday, September 06, 2012

Mech-e-se-be River Exploration Chapter 1

In the way of carping, complete failure.  We spent last weekend camped on the west bank of Big River.  The goal was to paddle around.  And, short of fishing to carp on any good water, just to see some carp.  Never saw one.  Some wadeable flats, but very turbid and thick with veg.  Fortunately, paddling and camping have inherent value and thus in the way of experiential learning, the weekend was a success.  I suppose we'll be back at some point but this was a downer.  Still holding to the assertion that no one in MN regularly sight-fishes to 20 lb carp with flies.  I've never met this person; thinking he or she does not exist.  On-going saga.

Boat traffic: unreal and foreign to me.  They were everywhere.  Big wakes.  Kids paddled a bit by themselves in a sheltered "cove" off the relatively private beach attached to our site.  Remarkable to watch a seven year old kid paddle, back-paddle, discern how to steer, pivot, etc.  If they'd had their way, they'd have left me on shore for the weekend.

On the way home we wound through Houston County backroads.  Swede Bottom, Beaver Valley, etc.  Not a bad route.  Stopped at Lanesboro pond and the kids caught some green sunfish. 

Makes me grumpier.  Carp fishery envy is what I call it.