Saturday, March 17, 2012

It’s 80 F in March, Part I:

(1) The set up for this day was to make things about as carefree as possible. Short drive; light gear; carry some food and water. Wet wading in March. I disallowed nymphing of any sort. We started at the local bakery and drank coffee and ate donuts until we felt like leaving.
(2) Whitewater State Park on a Saturday in March. No one at Cnty 9 crossing. No one at any road crossing. No one at the bridge hole where we parked. Not sure why. Never saw another fisherman all day. Plenty of walkers/hikers/dogs/etc. though.
(3) Put James on the bridge hole. Casting a jig and twister tail. No hits. I saw one fish rising in the broken water above the hole; caught it with a #18 Adams. Little did I know that we wouldn’t see another rise until ~330 PM. Puzzling there.
(4) We worked upstream. Boys caught some crayfish. No fish rising. Searching a bit with Adams and James with the twister (although his interest moved to crayfish pretty quickly). Boys made a good crossing or two that soaked them up to waistline. Learning wet wading. If not any technique, at least learning to not fear it.
(5) We found a horseshoe pit at stream side. I yelled at the kids to check it out; picked up a horseshoe and tossed a ringer. Then a friar come out and said we are practicing complete silence. I apologized (sincerely) and we turned around and headed downstream.
(6) Put James on some other good spinning gear water. He had a great RBT in low teens follow his rig right to his feet. We both watched it all unfold and we both whooped a bit. Refused though (ran out of water) and went back to depths. Good memory nonetheless. I asked him how big it was and he said about 24 inches.
(7) Fish came to streamers from the heads of pools. This was pretty easy. Didn’t fish much myself after I figured out dry flies wouldn’t work.
(8) Best thing about the day was being three companions on the water as opposed to Dad taking kids fishing. No whining by kids; no over-zealous pressing by adult; easy pace and appreciation of sun and water. Still trying to learn to relax and episodes like this are steps in right direction.


Anonymous Marcus Johannes said...

That is a sweet shot! Looks like a great time was had by all.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Wendy Berrell said...

Hey man - good to hear from you. Come down here sometime and we'll hit this water.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great hurry, going when you want and the impulse takes you. No real objective but to have fun. Great pix too.

1:29 PM  
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