Friday, August 20, 2010

Trico Fishing 081810

Shaved a couple hours off the front end of a work day because I hadn’t been fishing in quite a long time and I really very much wanted to find some trico action similar to what was observed last year. Didn’t quite work out that way. The morning was cool, and while the cloud of bugs over the stream materialized, no intense spinner fall ever came to be. I saw the first corpse on the water at 8:29 AM. And the cloud disappeared, so clearly the bugs fell… just not in dramatic fashion, as far as I could tell. The sun never showed for more than a few minutes at a time. Not sure why it played out that way and I like that I don’t know. Come back another time.

All that said, I did manage a few fish: three nymphing, two on Wilted Spinach fished like a dry fly at rising fish, one on BH emerger using slow lift, and three on the trico spinner.

There were fish rising sporadically the entire time I was standing there shin-deep in the water (7-10 AM). There were little bursts during which the rises would intensify, but they didn’t last long. The fish in the tailout would not eat the trico spinner pattern that simply decimated them last August. I put it on them repeatedly and got no takes. After giving up on those fish, I moved up into the riffle a bit, and right away got some takes. Met a few last second refusals. I landed a couple small fish on the spinner, and that felt good. I was about ready to go when I heard a loud bass note that marked the final demise of a natural trico... so I put a couple casts over there and hooked what I'd later confirm to be a beautiful fish - looked like maybe 14 inches - see pic. One of the bigger fish I've landed on a small dry fly (#22 I think – maybe #20). For ~15 seconds I thought maybe I had a really big fish on… because I couldn’t see the trout and it was really thrubbing that 2 wt. Nice way to end. Can’t really bitch about catching nine fish but I’m working on it. I was really wanting that spinner frenzy. Need to try again.


Blogger John Montana said...

Nice. Glad you got out man.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous winonaflyfactory said...

Wish I'd have been there. The previous year was a blast. I can recall it now, waiting in the water with my coffee in hand and then the moment when everything seems to explode with motion, flies flying, trout leaping, us swinging damn what a good time. Sorry it wasn't as heavy this year. I notice you went back to the money spot, that bank with the red dot is unmistakable. I remember the glory that lay just downstream. That one fish we never did catch hold up on the far side surfacing every so often and even after the rest had calmed down. Thanks for this one.

2:57 PM  
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All that said, I did manage a few fish: three nymphing, two on Wilted Spinach fished like a dry fly at rising fish, one on BH emerger using slow lift, and three on the trico spinner.

4:18 AM  

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