Monday, August 31, 2009

Just In Case

With all those flies, you'd think that smallies were likely to eat 30 different forage species. It's actually more like 2-3. The poppers and the clousers will be worked hard and they'll come back with ranks thoroughly decimated if not completely eliminated. As for the others - the philosophy there is that once you have the case in the pack, it makes sense to fill it up.

What I like about this is that so many folks have their hands in the deal: WFF, John Montana, my neighbor MB [flies], my family [tying materials], The Roughfisher [flies and the case]. So when I look down at that plethorical selection I see all of that and when a mouth closes on one of these deceptions all that will play out just right. So thanks folks.

A final technical review note: the case is sweet - thanks to Roughfisher for passing that on as an undeserved bonus.

BWCA. Anti-un-disembark on the morrow. Back soon.