Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wheels are Turning... Finally.

Just been cranky man. Snapping at people, walking around in a state of mild depression, etc. This doggy ass cold spell has everybody indoors. People aren't meant to be indoors. I don't claim to be an "outdoorsman" of any sort really. Not a claim. I don't go to outdoors stores or buy certain equipment, join clubs, etc. As a basic need for human-folk though, I just feel down-ass rotten when I can't breath some decent air and look on a good cloudbank now and then. And when you feel down-ass rotten, you tend to take it out (subtley or not-so) on people around you. I've been doing that. Not to the point of being a complete ass or anything like that... but it's had an impact on home life.

Now one could say: you shouldn't have to go fishing to be a good person at home. Well, hell. You can go on and say it. I don't know what to tell you. I can't apologize for being a certain person. Anyway, you get it. Finally, after 2+ months, I wet a line today. It was only for a few hours, and involved only a few fish... but it was a remedy.

Here is the quick report.

Starts with some good coffee, poured directly to-go. A couple Whitewater Valley apples too.

I met a friend on the stream. We'd talked of fishing together now and then, but it hadn't happened until today. It was highly enjoyable. Light snow, overcast day, but dead calm - which was nice. A gray day, you'd call it. There weren't fish in runs - they were in plunge pools. We both nymphed the entire time - tandem rigs with indicators.

This water produced some fish. First - two 11" browns taken in the main current.

Then, this healthy beauty - probably ~16" - taken in the hydro-cushion there at river right. When this fish hit, I let out an involuntary whoop, because the indicator jolted a solid 10 inches. Ran me pretty hard, and leapt clear of the water twice. Stunning fish.

[kept fish half in water for pics and quickly released]

A good lesson was reinforced here: do not retrieve snagged flies. Just don't do it. My nymphs caught on a branch at waters edge before I caught these three fish. If I'd blundered through the hole to pry loose my bug imitations - of which I have a bazillion - I'd have had no chance of hooking any of these beauties. We like to tie anyway... so if there is a question - bust 'em off.

Well - a good winter outing. Feet got numb, guides iced up a lot, hands got wet but never too cold really. Lost some flies. Caught just a few fish while conversing with another fisherman. Perfect few hours.


Blogger John Montana said...

Sweet report. I completely agree as well. I know you and I have spoken of it many times, but I'm a better husband and father when I spend some time on the water. Just a fact.

Speaking of which...Oct 3rd was my last day on the water. UGH. Life has kept me from the river, but once things settle down a touch I'll head to the Big D, find a nice back eddy about 1pm and watch the redsides slurp BWO in the foam lines.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feels so good to be on the water. I'm glad you got out for even a short time. Nice work, hopefully we can hit the water together soon.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Cabin fever can be deadly. I cherish the moments I can get out in the winter. Glad to hear you got in to some fish. I still have a couple more months to go before things thaw out enough here to hit the rivers again.

I love the waist-deep in snow shot.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Wendy Berrell said...

Well, it was a good fix. Should last a while. I hope you all are able to get out soon.

We are forever refining (and bettering) the dynamic that exists between husband and wife trying to parent and be good spouses, but at the same time trying to maintain some individuality and personal identity.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds tough but rewarding, the whole parenting/good spouses thing, kind of like fly fishing for trout. Hardwork and sacrifice payoff big in the end, well hopefully I'll catch a "big" fish this next season but perhaps I have more work and sacrifice to put in first. haha Glad to see you've calmed the fish demons for a while.

9:17 PM  
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