Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Fine Buglemouth

Prelude to the day: biking to work with Redington poking out of backpack. Biked over feeding carp. Could not leave said situation without engaging carp. The fish were feeding with gusto - ramming heads into substrate, creating these beautiful upwellings of silt and bubbles... Just frolicking in the small stream ecosystem is what they were doing. I walked up thinking I'd count down some flies on the plumes... didn't have to though - was approached by a slow cruiser. Fly was flipped. Fly was pounced on. In a very strange happening, the head came out of the water in the least exclamatory take I can remember... just kind of slowly dragged the head up with the hookset. No reaction from the fish. Funny. Then my fly broke off at the knot. I got on my bike and pedaled the rest of the way to work.

Fruit of the day: Well, I explored the beyond a little further today. That is, went away from the little corner of this water that I'd been fine-tooth-combing for the past year and headed to some heretofore not-navigated bits. I went past where I'd gone yesterday... stopping to dap at the carp I tangled with prior. They were exhibiting some very cool behavior - sitting tight to the bottom, literally hiding underneath submerged aquatic macrophytes (SAV for the TMDL crowd out there; seaweed for others... hehe). At one point, I swear I became a sixth-sense carp hunter: I was ready to continue on my way past a weed bed, when something made me stop - really - and look at a particular location... after a few seconds I indeed made out the dark scales of a cyprinid, nestled tight in a green cocoon. How cool was that? Pretty cool. Tough to get them in that mess though. First - not active; second - tight spots for flies.

So I heroned my way along. Then it got funny. I mean funny as in "oh, there's a giant tail..." and "ha - there's another one." Hehe... laughed and fished my way through a few spooks, but the fish kept coming. Finally saw two great fish feeding near a weed bed... blew the first one after a good presentation... and then cast past this one, drug fly back to position and let it sink... LOD stuck that sowish carp in short order. Again - no net. Had to battle and battle and battle... just wouldn't come in. No long runs, but just bullish power. Bulling and bulling... this time I came prepared with wading shoes, so I jumped in and just played it out. Beached the fish, and on removing the hook (from the lip no less), it BROKE at the bend... wow - hooks breaking everywhere lately.

Took a few photos. 33" seems to be the ceiling for the local carp contest. I measured this fish against my rod, and then taped it later... pretty much right on 33 inches. There is some error involved, but to the closest inch, it's 33" I think. Guess on weight is somewhere in the mid-teens. Probably 13-15 lb.

Beautiful scale pattern, and big ol' bugle mouth just singing away.


Blogger Unknown said...

Dude, we need to get you some new hooks. 2X heavy or beefier. What knot did you tie your fly on? This knot seem sto work well for me and pretty strong too. If I'm snagged, I always break off at the tippet knot and not the fly.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Wendy Berrell said...

I think there may have some rust burl on the eye of the hook... not sure though. I use a standard fisherman's knot. ALso called a Trilene knot I think. I agree re the new hooks though.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful fish - what a beast!

That Legion of Doom sure does seem to do the trick for you.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

try the loop knot. let's your fly swing freely on the drop/drift. may help with the enticement of stubborn fish.

7:43 PM  
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