Friday, December 21, 2007

A Letter from a Friend

Got this note the other day from a good friend. Time to get back to this... it's time to say that the "admin" parts of life are to be put on hold and the core components of life are to be pursued... even if that seems inconvenient or difficult given circumstances of life. If one doesn't check oneself now and then on this, one will slip into focusing on means instead of ends... slip into admin/maintenance of life and forget to achieve some of these "goals" as outlined by The Sand Farmer below.

"I confess my own leisure, to be spent entirely in search of adventure, without regard to prudence, profit, self-imporvement, learning, or any other serious thing. I find that these serious things are a good deal like heaven; when they are too closely pursued as conscious objectives, they are never attained and seldom even understood." (presented at a class at the Univ. of New Mexico, circa 1920s)

....and speaking of adventure....he includes it with

Leopold's 6 "necessaries of life"

- adventure
- work
- love
- food
- air
- sunshine

Upon all of your own urging, in your various ways to me, I picked up the Leopold biography (Aldo Leopold, His Life and Work, Curt Meine, 1988) again last weekend, and came upon these gems. Thanks friends.


Blogger John Montana said...

Good stuff J. I often think about what you told me while preparing for your last visit to OR. You abandoned your plan to purchase a fly rod in order to spend a day on a guided float trip on the D. Reason: "I'll always choose to pay for the experience rather than the object."

9:56 AM  
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