Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hunter Turned Gatherer

If a guy can't catch the cyprinus carpio ghosting the stream, he can at least scrounge the banks for other sources of energy.

Here, Vitis riparia subs for fish flesh, as the defeated angler concedes to the sages of the stream and proceeds to stain his fingers with the blood of the vine.

There comes with the gathering of wild grapes though some risk: they can be tricksey and false... use a fellow from the neighborhood to lay a trap for would-be-consumers. Here, the guardian is Rhamnus cathartica. Discerning eye is required. Don't eat the diarhetic on the left.

Eating dirt, be it collected and concentrated by fish, or bottled sour by wild edibles, is an enjoyable, fulfilling and right thing. The grapes are in the freezer... some cool fall evening we'll turn them into jelly.


Blogger john montana said...

good stuff...elia wanted to dig through the vacant blackberry bushes for morsels on our last outing.

2:03 AM  
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