Friday, August 31, 2007

Plums and Grapes

Jimmy and I took a little field trip to pick some plums. When we got to the grove though, we found that most of the delicacies had vanished - someone got to them before we could... also some blow down effect was apparent. We scrounged like bears and did our bit of gathering. With heads in clouds and shrubs we stumbled onto some grapes - an unexpected but welcome surprise. JD ate and ate - I had to hold him back... "More plums Daddy? More grapes?" He would have consumed every plum on the ground had I not pointed out the difference between rotten and solid fruit. Lover of the wild grapes too - even the green ones, and the raisin-forms. It was good to get out and scavenge around like hound-dog-bear-cats... Scorn the corn and get into some real food - even if it was beat up, rotten to a degree, and picked over. The Kid is a champ.


Blogger amanda said...

Reading you quoting James I was quickly reminded of a morning during his visit here when he, Beau & I spent out for about an hour- early, while the other kids were all still sleeping. Our intent was to see the garbage truck come by on it's morning route at the end of our driveway, but we did some exploring to look at horses, pick rocks, etc. Most of that hot sweltery sun-up was spent with James devouring wild raspberries. "More blueberries, please." was what he said over and over again, and again... I worried he'd eat too many, but figured it was a good source of antioxidants from a source as natural as they come, so I let him feast. The raspberries are only here a while each year, and James too, for that matter.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Wendy Berrell said...

Good call on the berries. I can hear him in my mind right now asking for more...

That was a really valuable time for him - I'm glad that it worked out, and we thank you for hosting him for those days. I hope we can do things like that often.

8:49 AM  
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