Friday, August 03, 2007

“The Supamarket don’t make meat bhuoy.”

On August 13th one of this small herd will be killed, and one quarter of its flesh will be distributed to our family for consumption over the coming months. None of these animals have consumed one grain of corn. They’ve spent their lives roaming hills in southeast Minnesota.

It’s kind of a strange deal – to see and/or photograph an animal that you’ll eat. Once you get over the oddness of it though, you realize that it makes sense, and it’s honest and good. This isn’t a plastic wrapped package of corn fed beef that was butchered by a machine-man in a closed-walled and dark slaughterhouse… This is straight up honesty: you saying “it’s about energy brother, and I have to end your life to keep mine going.” Looking him in the eye when you say it would be good. He will understand. People might tell you it’s wrong, but if you think on it long enough, and work through the necessities posed to you by your life and existence, you’ll realize that it is right. It’s right to do it in the right way though.

This animal will die one day – they all will, and their energy will be consumed by some other sink. What you can do is make sure that he’s had a good life until death. No pens and dark barns… nor raping of biology and diet by shoving grain down throats. No sticking with needles and no treating like meat-boxes.

Meat isn’t made by butchers. Get out and see the land and the animals. Buy whole foods. Make your eating process and chain transparent and known to the greatest extent possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

true words, fella. true words.

very nicely said.

12:22 PM  
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