Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Trout Catch and Keep 2016

A sot when it comes to a creel of trout but not archsot enough to wade into the mire of human egg carton crowding on the water for the harvest opener.  What I like to do instead is go carping.  This was the first carp of the year; smallish fish but a little belly geometry there and she even got her dorsal up for the camera on timer.  Ate a plain strip of green bunny fur with DB eyes.

The water was turbid such that the fly had to be in many cases levitated in front of the fish for a while so it could be detected.  The normal heavier flies e.g LOD were sinking out of sight too quickly.  Switched to an egg fly.  Rarely use it.  On this day it was money.  Ended up catching 6/7 carp that came to hand.  Seven carp over two hours in MN is a pretty good clip.  No big ones.  No dramatic fights.  Still felt good to catch some bigger fish though; big relative to trout.  Didn't scale any of them.  I think I was getting one class of fish around 5-6 lbs and another around 8-9 lbs.  Couple fish were in clearer water; deeper; it was highly enjoyable to sink this damn egg on them (very high vis fly) and count it down, watch for tells and set the hook.  Jedi carping at its best.  No strike; can't see fly; watch fish and discern.