Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Break 2016 Chapter II

We'd have caught a bunch of fish if we'd stayed north of 90.  That's what the kid figured after we got beat down pretty good over the first weekend of spring break.  He'd only hooked and lost one fish; I landed a couple here and there.  Fishing overall was poor.  So we looking for some redemption; some lonely hours on uncrowded water, good conditions.  One day mid-week then we went for an afternoon quick hitter close to home.  100% my favorite line of the day was as we were pulling up, noting another angler parked; older boy said urgently oh, do you think he's going upstream.  This the confirmation that the anticipation is alive in him; this all matters.  Plus he very clearly has upstream and downstream in his head.  What's next river right and left.  Riffle pool run configuration. One can hope.  I did my best to be a good example in terms of manners and parked the car and jogged (away from the stream) up to the angler and talked with him.  Told him that we'd go to the next access upstream if that'd work for him.  Sure he says I only have a short time.  Good news boys.

Older guy is eager to fish every hole; not always ready to take turns with little brother.  On this day we dipped downstream of normal starting point to add one more piece of water.  Ten minutes in and it produced first fish of the day.  I got pretty excited; fish wasn't that big; I estimate 12-13 inches.  But what I value in that video: (1) good intensity, (2) bird dogging the indicator, (3) finding a reason to set the hook on each drift (rule from JM), (4) the discernment of the very subtle indication.  Nice work all around.

Redington Crosswater waders.  Gear tip.  $100 brand new; found this pair for $79 brand new.  Kid II was in heaven being able to wade in April and not get cold and wet.

Same place we put our newbie angler friend on his first ever trout on the fly few weeks earlier.  Just a nice foam line in a deep run, easy flip casting and easy positioning of feet.  Kid II hooked and landed his first trout.  Pretty happy time for everyone.  Eight years old; almost nine.  See in vid that it wasn't an intensely studied drift, but we'll take it.  Maybe he knew he had more coming in the near future.  Some gentle chiding by me in the video.  Not necessary to urge Kid I to study the indicator; but this guy needs some reminders; just typical of their respective personalities.  I really wanted him to get a trout to hand and he was setting up good drifts but then not really paying attention.  He clearly wanted to fish; have to remind myself that little dudes may not always understand the focus required.  Or hell maybe they don't care and they're in the right for it.  Whatever the case it worked out and kid was all smiles.  

The fly that got him.  I'd never tie anything like it.  Was on stream with someone a while back and he handed it to me, lauding it.

Ended the day with this one; nice deeply cut mouth.  I wasn't even watching him when he approached the stream and hooked it.  His decisions; his lanes; his drifts.  I helped him by netting it.  I think four fish logged by the older guy; one for the younger (he hooked and LDR one other and missed a couple takes).

About what we needed.