Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Praise for the SJW

Had a few minutes to spare and found myself at a riverbank. Only one thing to do there. Walk the river and blow by all the garbage shallow sand bed and find a deep-water pocket. Found it. And in that pocket were all the carp. Some big, some small. The forested bank provided an advantage: deep cover and camo; and a disadvantage: impossible to cast – had to snake rod through thick brush and dap; and another disadvantage: after hooking fish, one must jump/slide/fall/bounce down the bank into the water. No way around it. I put on the “subtle” carp fly I had tied up the other day. It drew only scoffs and produced revulsion in some cases. Absolutely bleeped it up. I was hesitant to change flies because it was such a fiasco there in the jungle. Finally though, I did it. I decided I wasn’t leaving until I hooked one of these fish. Next fly to audition: San Juan Worm, in the killer color known to some. The first fish that saw it, ate it without hesitation. Subsequent to the pretty little take was a nice carp headshake, followed by a guy flailing into the water in full work clothes… a whoop or two and then a solid battle. Worked out. Even worked out well enough to allow a guy to stop by to grab some olive oil on the way home. Finally then, we have a strange guy standing in a grocery store aisle wearing a hat… khaki pants showing wet up to crotch level. Indicator.


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Great stuff J!

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