Sunday, May 03, 2009

Greg Brown at Oak Center

You know a concert rocks when:
(1) The performer is hanging out with attendees prior to the show - kicking back and partaking in a potluck with folks.
(2) Afterward, he refuses money from the host and is only willing to accept a promise of delivery of some peppers to his hotel room.

Really couldn't have asked for anything more from a night out. Like-minded people, gathered in a general store listening to some music made from the mind of a true mid-western person. A guy who owns a farm and gardens. Not a primadonna or some over-blow diva. Just a dude from southern Iowa.

The ball cap he was sporting featured a picture of a trout taking a fly.

He played a couple of our favorite songs, including Spring Wind. I can't see any reason to not say this is my favorite song right now. It touches on everything that is important to me: fishing, work, family, kids, love. Enough to make a grown man cry every time. And to sit fifteen feet from the guy who wrote it and listen to him pour it out... very memorable. Loved it.

Next time he comes through, I figure a guy should offer to take him fishing.


Blogger briddi said...

What a treat to see Greg Play Oak Center again. If you are like me his music has become the midwest anthem. I can't relate to anyones music more than greg's, he has sent me "Driftless". He sent us home that night with a killer "Sampson(and Delilah)".I appreciate the collectiveness and open community atmospere that Oak center offers and promotes with music like greg Brown in the upstairs it is next to impossible to find a better venue and vibe anywhere.
"To clean our dirty planet, there is a noble wish,
I'm putting my shoulders to the wheel becuase i want to catch some fish," Greg Brown

6:16 PM  
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