Monday, September 04, 2006

Took James out for some carping today. He recognized what we were doing, and right away starting saying "hurry, fish" and "fishy - see 'um" over and over. So he was putting the pressure on me... We found quite a few cars at the water we chose - all bait fishing from a pier. The water is high and somewhat muddy right now, so the pod of 100 carp that I found last time were not writhing in the same location - too fast. They have to be somewhere though... so I poked around upstream a bit and found some floodplain that looked good.
From a bridge I started spotting carp everywhere... I think the pod had dispersed, but they were basically all accounted for. We crept up on them and started working them over with a small crawdad fly. At first I was putting it too close - spooking them all. Eventually I found one in a great position and I dropped the fly where I figured his head was... couldn't see it, but felt a slight jolt and set the hook. Solid battle - this carp was nice sized (probably 7-9 lbs) and ran like crazy - way out into the river. Once he ran at
me so fast I was sure that the hook would fall out... I reeled like crazy, but without the gear ratio advantage that the spinning guys have, I couldn't keep up. THe line bowed a bit but the hook held. Eventually beached him, after numerous urgings from James. Great fish - beautiful creature... James watched him go - "bye bye fishy." The next carp actually leapt out of the water when I hooked it - like a bass or trout! It wasn't very big though - landed fairly quickly. Those two fish were caught while we were wet-wading the flood plain - very cool... felt a lot like we were in the movie Predator... like maybe a giant anaconda could swim between my legs at any time. James wanted to move a bit more though (he was in backpack), so we left that location and walked a bank. I saw a nice red tail in the middle of some very intense woody debris ... I plopped the crawdaddy right on his head and he took it - I saw the fish for a couple seconds and tried to fight him, but I knew it wouldn't work - even before I casted. He took me into the debris - rendered my drag useless and broke me off. Three fish hooked in 45 minutes - pretty darn good. James asked to touch both of the fish we landed - he was pretty fascinated. In the picture of the slack water, the dark spots are all fish.


Blogger John Montana said...

good stuff! i fished the flood plains on sauvies island this year, really neat way to fish.

one good fish (double digit) hooked for me today, but not to hand. elia was in the backpack and severely dissappointed!

12:10 AM  
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