Monday, July 17, 2006

Good day of carp fishing, although actual time on the water amounted to only ~2 hours total. I went out by myself this AM and landed two nice fish, then James and I did a quick round before he went to bed - only about 40 minutes but we landed one good fish, and he got to watch the entire ordeal. All were great takes: (1) I watched a fish move into the rocks at a stormwater outfall - I cast and he slowly moved over the fly and paused - hook set - fish fought and landed while a family from Ohio looked on in amazement, (2) this was a classic example of heading home, and trying for just one more fish... I was on my way to the car, when I thought I'd bust through some brush and look a a suspected shallow flat. I bumbled on through, thinking I wouldn't fish at all, and saw two nice carp dart away... fortunately though, there were two more tailing - couldn't see heads... I dropped crawdaddy where I figured head was - guessed that he was on it and set the hook but snagged something - that spooked the first tailer... I did the same thing on the second fish -jigged twice and slowly raised the fly - fish POUNDED it - strike-like... that fish fought really hard - wouldn't come in... minutes ticked by and I was torn between enjoying the battle and worrying about my currently great husband/wife/fishing relationship... to add to my anxiety sweat was pouring into my eyes and they were stinging like hell... pretty funny really.... eventually landed fish and bolted for home. (3) After cooling off for the afternoon with my son, we braved the heat and returned to the same carp water... wind had picked up a bit and visibility was tough... just as we were getting ready to leave though I spotted a tailer by the base of the bridge we were crossing - I parked JD in his stroller at the top of the bridge crest, so he could watch it all unfold... I could see the whole body this time, which made it much easier... I dropped a fly right near his head and he turned and literally pounced on the fly - very cool indeed... James really observed everything, and was calling out "feeshy" the entire time. Need more time to explore the water... great little haunt.


Blogger John Montana said...

you are working up a nice little library of spots J. i hadn't thought about using the stroller with elia. i suppose i could do that at one of my local spots, but elia hates the stroller so i don't think she'd stay in there at all. i'll do some exploring this weekend in the am with elia so kelly can rest.

5:20 PM  
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