Thursday, May 09, 2019

First Carp of 2019 Registered

Couple instances of pond fishing on April 22 and 24.  Good targets; fish looking and fish feeding.

One note is that these fish were caught with little to no sunlight afforded.  Need to dispel the idea that you need good sun to catch carp.  You really only need it if you are wading in the water.  Any fishing from shore or bank is actually often better in gloom; the fish are typically not as wary.

Squirrel fur nymph; easiest tie in the world.

Another one to dispel: that once a carp is spooked you can't catch it.  This fish saw me, started downshore; I stepped away, moved quickly for 10-15 feet and put the fly out there...    interest was apparent.

This 17.5 lber was tailing on the deep edge.  Could see only the tail and silt/bubble plume.  A few drag and drops were necessary.  Pick up rod to find fly properly lodged.  It's a good feeling: the intuited and learned/faith-based hookset success.  One of the most challenging and interesting facets of sight fishing for carp.