Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Not a Mystery

The bugs in the water look like this, so tie your flies to look like this.  More or less.  Start with a scud hook #14-16.  Used to be 16-18 and the vets would say why are you doing that tie bigger flies.  So an iterative step has me at 14-16.  Put beads on a dozen or so hooks.  Look around your shop for various dark dubbing balls, feathers and some wire.  Apply the materials to the hooks.  Decide for yourself if you think flashbacks are important or if wire holds down materials well and/or if that matters because the flies will be gone to the good nympher before they can wear out.  My current belief is that the 2x strong scud hook #14 may be the top Driftless Area hook.  This is due to the gap and the fact that they simply do not bend or break as far as I can tell.  Recent log suggests I have tied around two dozen decent nymphs.  An angler looks forward to setting himself to fishing; I foresee this happening in the coming sun leading up to the Jan15 full wolf moon. The cold will be broken and cast aside and in the new sun fish will be admired! 


Anonymous PF said...

The coming sun indeed. The polar vortex wobbles away. Seize the moment.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Trevor Tanner said...

"gone to the big nympher" Perfect.

11:36 PM  

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