Friday, May 17, 2013

28 minutes of carping, May 16, 2013

Take it when you can get it.  Meeting completed 4:56; participants sent on their respective ways.  One way was down the hill from the meeting location to the river.  For a reinforcing lesson regarding carp mood and behavior. 
(1)   Plenty of carp out deeper, in the main river flow.  Water clarity around 10-12 inches; these fish were not be seen beyond their periodic rolls, jumps and…     their rises: like the invasive brown trout.  They were eating something that I couldn’t discern; maybe midges.
(2)   Some carp holding steady behind current breaks; a couple big ones.  Neutral to negative.  They saw flies and faded away.
(3)   At 5:22 it was time to head out; gave up.  Walking back downstream, moderately fast but not sprinting, so as to reserve very small chance of a good encounter.  One fish showed itself in the rocks; not actively feeding or tailing, but clearly looking for something.  First flip put the fly up and the right maybe ten inches.  The carp slowed and made a subtle movement…   away from where I thought the fly was resting…   but it was just too convincing – the 1/8th inch movement was too much of a tell and I was convinced so I picked up to find a lipped fish.  Can’t always trust where you figure your fly has fallen…   given geometry, tricks of water and current in general. 
It was the final eat for this  7 lb carp.  Heavy hammer blow to the head spattered blood on my arms and face.  Some carp will swim and some should probably be eaten.  Protein source to be considered.  A smallish fish like this, in spring; presumably a good eating option.  Each of its 1 lb fillets are now in my freezer.  And the remains are in the garden. 
If a guy had more time I think he could do some good work in the local carp fishery right now.  Things are moving; things are looking up.  As an aside, bass and panfish have moved into shallow water; abrupt difference with respect to one week ago…     they are gettable for any and all kids with spinners and twister tails; poppers.

10 foot leader down to 1x tippet.  And this fly.


Anonymous Larry said...

How you going to cook them up? Woolen Mills last night they were up and eating. Perhaps a post on how they taste?

Great post.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

That is phenomenal work. How do you cook a carp fillet so it's not yucky?

1:57 PM  
Blogger Wendy Berrell said...

Been trying various means of prep re carp fillets. Got a good tip on curing them that I will probably employ in this case. I will make sure I check in afterward... maybe some notes on the process.

This weather... man, just killing the joy. No trout tomorrow. No carp in the river for a while; choc milk. In short... sucks bad. Ponds only thing remaining.

Hope you guys are getting out in good fashion. Glad WM is in play up there Larry. Wish I were closer to that...

10:26 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My grandmother dated a German guy for a long time. Once, I was over at this house and he invited me to have carp on bark. Went outside to the camp fire and siting on a big slab of bark was a gutted carp cooking slowly. Guess what! Delicious.

You can try a batter of corn meal, flour, sea salt, and coconut shavings. Makes a mean batter for sheepshead (freshwater drum), it may as well for carp.

Later, Ike

9:35 AM  
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