Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Downtown Rochester Sighting

Rochesterfest was attended... Too many people, but some really cool sights: (1) The Mayo brothers in their bronzed glory, (2) a whole lotta feeding carp right downtown - I kept pointing them out to my family but without polarized glasses and with generally little to no interest they just couldn't pick them out... hehe, (3) this mammal, which I believe is a MINK - pretty cool to see prancing along the river in the urban jungle.

It's amazing to me how animals deal with our transformations of the landscape - from natural landscape to pavement world... you'll see smallies pulled out of channelized rivers with no vegetation for miles... deer all over the place in the city limits... turtles laying eggs in dirt parking lots... hawks and other raptors everywhere... all kinds of passerine birds... and sometimes even a mink downtown. It's a sad deal in a way, but also promising to see that they can endure and adjust.


Blogger Bleeet said...

I think it's great that the Mayo brother were bronzed in all their transvestite glory! They shouldn't have to be remembered with shame. Kudos to Rochester for their progressive acceptance and commemoration of two groundbreaking crossdressers! (I only wish they would have had their handbags with them for the bronzing session, they really tied their ensembles together.) Now, if only we could get the FBI to do the same for J. Edgar.

12:09 PM  
Blogger MN Justin said...

Good to hear from you Bleet. Some of your recent blogging has made some short rounds in our office.

We miss NFLD man.

15,000 people flocking to the statute of transvestites last night for too-loud fireworks... big city life I guess.

We stayed home and drank wine.

11:17 AM  
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