Friday, April 07, 2006

Most recent fishing outing... been a while since I've posted anything. Last time I was out I had the privilege of catching fish from three different DNR major watersheds: Cannon, Zumbro and Whitewater. I don't think I've ever caught all three trout species in such a short time... not to mention at least one of each greater than or equal to 12 inches.

I saw many, many fish in the stream that was just dubbed "poor" with respect to its index of biological integrity (some of you can put this together)... it is clear that bug diversity may, but does not necessarily correlate to fish density or diversity. Fish can get big gorging themselves on scuds. However, as someone mentioned at the meeting: diversity is important for long term viability of a system. If something were to affect the scuds in that stream it'd be in trouble.

In the early AM I was enveloped in a cloud of midges - pretty amazing. I also saw a few large caddis - see pictures. However, fish were not steadily rising to anything. I saw ~6 rises all morning. I tried a couple dry flies and my buddy's Wilted Spinach, but no dice this time. Every time I tried something like that and failed, I'd go back to nymphs and proceed to pluck them out. It's scary just how deadly nymphing can be... even in the hands of someone like me. Add an indicator and you're looking at a very, very effective approach. Speaking of indicator I do always feel like this group of fly anglers is hovering over me - watching and saying "get rid of the indicator you cheater." I did try some naked nymphing this time out, and got a few fish that way - including largest brown of the day (the fatty - see pic). Overall great outing - wish I'd had more time...

That's probably the biggest brook trout I've caught. If I hadn't taken a picture I'd have said 14 inches, but it is not that big. Probably more like 13" given reference provided by rod in picture. The fish ran all over the place - tore me up pretty well - 4 wt and #18 barbless nymph. The rainbow did some stream walking too - looked live a muskrat running downstream with head above water.


Blogger john montana said...

looks like an outstanding day. fish do spend most of their time eating subsurface, so nymphing almost always produces. i do enjoy dry fly fishing though.

an indicator is not cheating in my book. most people don't fish with an indicator as effectively as they could because they use it like a bobber. to me it is a combination strike indicator/drift indicator. there are many water types that using an indicator is a must, and many where you can be just as effective without one.

1:24 PM  
Blogger MN Justin said...

I agree with your assessment re indicator. I still feel like folks look down on it though... It sure helps you catch fish.

1:46 PM  
Blogger amanda up north said...

Suprised to see the color around the water's edge... are things greening up down your way?
I don't know trout... but that one is definitely a FAT fish!
Also wanted to ask - do you use a macro setting or something special on those close-ups? The quality of the fine details is so clear, fingerprint and all.

9:14 PM  
Blogger amanda up north said...

Just looked again... is that fish full of eggs, or what? Very fat.
Had to ask, I don't know enough about fish.

We're really enjoying watching our deer friends in the backyard, I thought today that the dominant doe is definitely showing she's with fawn. The kids are really interested in it. The two bucks that come around are starting to show tufts on their foreheads where little nubs of antler growth are starting back. Over past years we've mostly gotten to observe them so close just throughout winter. It's pretty interesting all the cool things that happen in spring in the animal world, we hope to get to keep observing for a while.

9:28 PM  
Blogger MN Justin said...

Regarding closeups - yes, I use the "flower" feature on our Sony. It is actually not as good as many cameras I've seen... Olympus is great for closeups.

The fish is a fatty, but not full of eggs. Browns lay their eggs in the fall, and they develop over winter! Just a plump fish - may have had a large forage in his stomach... Speaking of that - "catch and kill" opens this weekend - may keep a trout and look in its belly... then smoke the flesh and consume it at a dinner table.

9:11 AM  
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