Thursday, May 28, 2020

Lake Michigan Water Levels

Thought it would be a lot higher than this forecast indicating.  The current provisional data (green line) say 582.05 feet as of today, which is only approximately 3.5 inches higher than June 2019.  I read some articles early on and saw some predictions of more like a foot increase.  Still TBD but looking okay.

Friday, May 15, 2020

While this happened some time ago, I just noted as much today, while looking through the spring inventory (because I want to know where a guy can get cold clear water if the river is turbid and you're in a fix e.g. thirsty; note you'd still want to boil the water before consuming).  MGS confirmed naming of this spring was result of guidance provided on all-day spring discovery expedition in October 2015.  Believe it or not there are still things to discover out there.

Branch stream at base of bluff is a seepage face. A lot of watercress from main stream all the way to spring MN85:A00337.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Spring Bug Notes

4/25/20 Bad idea to be a lazy ass and not get on the stream when one needs to be there which is leading up to the hatch.  This was a Saturday and I wandered around noon thinking the caddis would be so good it wouldn't matter how many people on the water.  There was complete blanket bugs - on the water, on my person, etc.  Zero fish rising.  They were already distended with bugs in stomachs.  Footballer in the pic by way of nymphing which I did not want to engage.  So I left.  On walking out I found thirteen cars in the parking allowance; most I have ever counted anywhere.

Next Day we Did it Right

4/26/20 three key things made for success: 1. up early, 2. walked further in, 3. went to water with light and variable hatches.  Kid hooked half a dozen at first hole, swinging soft hackle downstream.

That's a proper stomach content list right there.  Various prey items; not frantic habitual gorging on caddis pupae.

New gear that I like - holds tippet and flies, attaches to terminus of lanyard.

Got some bigger dry fly fish.  In the morning they were on the emerger.  Afternoon we were seeing a few caddis.  If you could nail the hop and skitter (which requires greased fly and leader) you could bring about bass-like eats.  The dead drift was only infrequently successful to start.  As the afternoon wore on they started eating the dead drift as the caddis disappeared.  Key overall was that these fish were looking up, but did not have access to unlimited bugs.  Ideal situation.

Big fish above was situated around that rock.  Great looking dry fly water.

Been eating a lot of venison and trout.

Put 'em in tacos.

Wild ginger and ramps in the north alley by compost.  Emulating the floodplain floor; fun to watch over time.