Friday, May 24, 2019

Trout Fishing Weekend with Kid II

Early May in SE MN: as close to unlimited trout on dry fly as a guy can find.  For the kid, we did a lot of positioning upstream of rising fish to present a quartering down soft hackle swing.  He did really well.  He had been asking about this trip for some time, indicating that he was very much looking forward to it; that's a sort of "parental paycheck" as I've heard others state.  The fish were so full of chiros and caddis they were literally bulging guts and spitting up said invertebrates.  We killed one going into night to eat with wild onions.  Kid was particularly focused on the onions in the floodplains.  

Louisiana 2019 Days 3 and 4

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Louisiana 2019 Day 2

Sunrise in Miss River delta complex.

Calm.  Ominous as it turned out.

Tested by a biblical plague.

The bites didn't hurt too bad but the swarms made sight fishing difficult.  Even in covering up nearly every square inch of skin.  They dove in at eye corners and flew up pant legs.

We were stoic and never suggested quitting.  But the bugs really made the marsh difficult just in terms of seeing fish with clear eyes.  We eventually left and tried something else.  Got some sheepshead; first for both of us.  

Human-looking incisors.

Flounder on the fly; another first.

Great detail photo by John Montana.

We paid a bit of toll; nothing too bad though; cool to have pushed on through it.