Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 3rd Ole Miss Float

Three brothers, two sons, two nephews, three uncles and two cousins all accounted for in local datum of five guys.

Trying to capture the water clarity.  We could see bottom most everywhere save the deepest corner holes.

My two brothers doubled up on the point bar; this is a favorite pic.

Plenty of swimming holes from which we chose this one.

Pretty good harvest.  I think we boated ~18 walleye and kept 15; caught a fair number of pike and kept four maybe.  Few hours after this photo sister-in-law prepared best fish platter I've had in a while.

One of those pics that our grandkids will look at down the road; the classic stringer pose.  Another favorite image.  Everyone present contributed multiple fish to the lot.  A highlight for me to get out with brothers and nephews (my kids are away from MN for a short while, touring; otherwise at least one would have made this float).  Thank you guys for managing the logistics and making this happen; should do it more often.

July 31 2009