Sunday, June 14, 2015

Early June 

Receding water after an evemt allowed for a particularly productive morning nymphing for the invasive but generally naturalized brown trout of southeast Minnesota.  Draw a line going left from this point on the hydrograph; its intersection on the climbing limb will be a very bad undesirable time to fish IMO.  But same flow as it's dropping...   good.  This day.  More cover for the angler; by all accounts fish feel more comfortable in in their lays.  

Some of my favorite water; down in the valley.  Valley so low.  Few things have changed there but much is the same per bedrock controls.

Right away 820 AM.  Nothing came of the short side but the high stick and reach out across in that line brought a good number of trout to hand.  More and more I am fascinated by the water.  Reading it.  The technical work needed to nymph seams.  Seeing the trout without seeing them and then catching them.
Generalist theme: beadhead dubbed scud hook with a gaudy X of rubber legs.  I had three of these.  The pattern was highly effective.

Not many of the BKT this year.  This one ate in the half second lull before I picked up to roll cast again.  I unhooked the fish and let it go.  It circled back and nosed against my boot and waited.  I reached down and picked it up.

Work near to far; all the alleys.  This is great water.  Of the fish that came, the best ate right in that circle.

This year class 11-13" continues to show up everywhere.

Money drift.  Triangle full of fish.
Brown trout can be quite spectacular; varying spot patterns.

Here is the water at which I lay down  streamside after drinking a beer at 11:21 AM.  Won't soon forget it.  I had worked thorugh a series of holes that were comical in nature in that they seemed to give up unending trout.  This was the last of them.  In the highlighted trough, any well-presented nymph was taken.  I don't know how many trout I caught in three hours and it means nothing save indication of the quality of the fishery: had to be around thirty because four holes gave up 4-6 fish each and there were many here and there in between.

What a river.  I was set to get out again today.  Had gear packed.  Neither of my kids wanted to come along so I didn't go.  Times are changing in that kids greatly value hours with their buddies, which is a good thing.  Sometimes a challenging adjustment, as we put together a pretty good log of adventure time over the years.

Megaloptera - dobsonfly; thanks to a buddy for ID.  I thought it was a stone but "Plecops do not have a "neck" and their wings are folded flat over their back. These are somewhat tent shaped. "

Was hoping for some of the big mayflies 10-16 range.  Sporadic at best.  Some caddis.  Around noon I put on a gray EHC and prospected slowly with butter on some riffles and runs.  Got maybe half a dozen fish; some nice takes in sun.  All in all though the dry fly action didn't come together real well.  

World is greening up.  Thickening.  The good walking time is coming to a close.  Now heat and vegetation will have great bearing on many outings.  Might be about time to just fish 6 AM to 9 AM and come home.  I note that on the afternoon of this day, things calmed down very quickly.  As ridiculous as the morning was, the heat and light slowed things considerably.  I suppose siesta and then evening fishing would have rounded it out well.


Blogger Kathleen Gardner said...

It's really best to note and keep close track of the water to such a point where you are able to pinpoint the flow of elements therein, and not just the path of currents and the shifting of tides. In the case of fishes, they tend to have collective tendencies and behavioral patterns. Knowing such things can help enthusiasts find great fishing spots to test their fishing skills. That being said, the place looks wonderful. Cheers!

Kathleen Gardner @ Bid2Fish

10:54 AM  
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