Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mild winter days beget activity.

Kids can't take -2 F with -18 wind chill. Now that we've had a string of 20+ F, boys are really getting out. Maybe we'll poke a hole in some ice or walk a stream soon.

Yesterday: first time on any sort of skis.

This morning: we were greeted by fog, and some form of hoar frost. In short, it was a wonderland. Absolutely beautiful. Mild temps, no wind, and every surface covered in feathers of ice. Pretty fascinating. Wonder of the world was the phrase that came to mind. And that got me thinking - why are the seven wonders of the world all structural accomplishments (I think)? Seems like they ought to include maybe hoar frost, birth of a baby, and trico hatches.

The first jump was an accident - he's kind of a cautious fellow. After he felt the lift and air though, he refused to quit. He's taken to saying that was awesome... and he repeated that time again, dragging the sled to the top of the hill. For me, it was high pleasure to observe and encourage.

And this didn't hurt the day either:

Woofreakinghoo! Long flight home for the 'Boys.


Anonymous winonaflyfactory said...

Looks like fun to me, outside, maybe a bit of a runny nose after all that. I like the mid air-shots, that would be cool. Great photo's of the crystals as well man.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy--drop me a line at We should meet up and fish sometime. I'm in Plymouth.


8:25 PM  
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