Wednesday, January 13, 2010

110 Days

That's time elapsed since a guy last touched a Minnesota trout. Long time of looking ahead every now and then to this image:

There are a few rituals I'd like to consider established with respect to winter fishing: getting out once in January to dust things off and catch a fish, finding midge action later on (March), and fishing certain reaches of river. In years past that first item has been addressed shortly after New Year's Day. This year though, it's been colder than hell up to this point. I can handle various conditions, but I figured I'd wait a while for at least 20s before heading out. Today was true to the forecast put out by Randy et al at KTTC: right around 30 F, and wind S/SW around 10-12 mph. Not bad, especially down in the valley. So on the first 30 F day of 2010, I bolted from a meeting at 12:15 and was parked at a road crossing at 12:32. WFF was already there, geared up and looking eager.

In short: over the course of ~3 hours we caught a couple fish each, and then coasted: half-assed fishing woven into walking and looking. Winter fishing on a sunny day is a bit of a spectacle. Pics can tell it best.

WFF brought snowshoes (thanks) - definite advantage hiking in:

WFF landed a beautiful brown right away...

We saw midges on the water, in the air and in the snow, but we never did see any fish rising. From the hole pictured below I picked up two fish - the only two fish I'd touch over these few hours. In odd fashion - both fish came on the same drift - one ate the lead Pink Squirrel, the other ate an orange scud. Both irrestible flies... and appropriately then a proper outcome: both eaten. Fish out of water for maybe 15 seconds in 30 F air - should be okay and swimming as I type. Still bugs me a little to have my mug in pics.

Following three pics from WFF:

So it wasn't a hard-fishing, many-fish day. We've had those and we'll have more of those. It was the seal-breaker day. A day in the sun for some guys who'd been suffering under the heel of the cold. Back home before the #1 bus would have dropped me, had I stayed at work for the afternoon.

Next up: a little more aggressive approach, maybe some new water and maybe some

[And PS: had to come back to note this: what a f--kin loser - I just got up and leapt at the first stair... and I about ended up in the ER because my leg cramped up and fouled my landing gear. What a geezer. Can't even hike in deep snow anymore. I can see it now - I'll go to bed tonight and wake up with my legs seized like some rusty old carriage bolts. Wow.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's what you get for 110 days mang! That's just utterly unacceptable.

Nice work breaking the seal. I'm still O-fer in 2010.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Wendy Berrell said...

I think you're right: I got my medicine and I'll get more 'morrow.

Just to be clear though: I did break the 110 days with a jaunt to Iowa. A guy can't have triple-digit stretches of never touching a fish.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous winonaflyfactory said...

Good day for sure, still dwelling on it. I will do so for the next few days. I must have got my arrival time for you a bit early, i clocked you in at 12:27 but you state here at 12:32, interesting that we pay attention to these facts.

Until next time man, take care and we will fish again soon.

Oh, I did nab a few of your pictures I really like the lead photo with this post, and I did my best to avoid your mug shots. Haha

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Jonathon A. Waske - Fly Fishing Artist said...

Even though it looks pretty cold it makes me want to hit a stream. Great photos.

10:16 AM  
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