Saturday, July 08, 2006

Did some sight fishing for carp in the Cannon today. It was tough, due to poor visibility and the positions of the fish. I was fishing behind a nice current break, in some near-dead water. I could see the silt plumes everywhere, but no tails were visible - the carp were pretty deep. Occasionally they would come into my view - cruising or going nuts like they do now and then - flashing their sides to me. I only had a few legitimate chances to put flies in front of fish. In one instance I could see a fish sitting by a log - mouth pumping - clearly feeding... I put the fly all around his head but saw no discernable sign of a take. Two other occasions I plopped the fly in the cone of vision of a cruising fish... the first one may have taken it - I set the hook and he spooked by I don't know if it was near his mouth or if the line hit him. The second one of these fish was doing a combo cruise/feed - stopping now and then and rooting in the silt. I put the fly in front and to his left... pretty cool - it was like he was said "hey, what's that? I'll go check it out...." swam right over to the fly, and although I couldn't see the take I knew he had it - set the hook and he was there. Not a big fish at all, but pretty cool hookup. I took this picture from the high bank because I had to walk downstream a bit before I could scramble down and unhook him.

In the 1.5 hours I was there, I saw two canoes pass - one with a couple and another that held a dad and two kids.... the kids were swimming in the river - total immersion, which made me both happy (to see the interaction) and and a little worried (to think of the water's impairments). I also saw a big ol' bullfrog (I think) that actually screamed before jumping into the water... and a HUGE snapper that swam right up to me... At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, because it looked just like a paddlefish with its head and neck stuck way out.... I went for the camera but that motion spooked him. Mussels everywhere too... and this stretch of the Cannon is right in town. Snappers, bullfrogs, carp, mussels, canoeists and fisherman all present. None of whom could see a square of pavement or a spire of a building... or a stormwater pond for that matter. Let's keep it that way folks!!


Blogger John Montana said...

good job on the carp is really neat to see those carp veer out of their path to inspect and eat a fly.

3:28 PM  
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