Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I don't understand this... I've always wanted to get into the minds of people who litter. What are they thinking when they toss garbage out the window, or leave stuff like this at streamside? It degrades the experiences of all else who encounter locations like this.... more than that though, it sends a strong message: there are a lot of fricking jerks out there. No non-jerk is going to leave a pile of litter like this. Just a bunch of punks, red-necks and jerks is what I think... So when a person starts to think that society might be okay and we might be headed in a good direction, and that people may be willing to change for the better... you see things like big piles of litter and you're reminded: nope, people are not responsible, caring or ready to move forward. Heck if we can't even take care of our waste, how can we ever even dream of moving to alternative energy sources, sustainable agriculture and smart growth? I see litter like this EVERYWHERE - even in remote locations. I'm sorry to say that this is why I've formed a negative opinion of the general bait-fishing world: it's obvious that most trash is left by bait-fishermen. Pick up your damn worm containers you lazy SOBs!!!!!!! Peel your harley bandanas back and take your $2 shades off so you can see straight, put down your 33 pound test line and pick up your damn natty light beer cans, pall mall ciggy packs and worm containers you suckwads!!!!!! I need to start carrying garbage bags with me so I can do extra to make up for folks who can't take the time to do their part... they must be in a hurry. Hurry to do what? Probably watch more game shows or Nick at Night.


Blogger amanda said...

Pretty disgusting... can't tell you how outraged I get when I find a beer bottle or bag of McDonald's trash thrown out here at the end of our driveway. The kids and I have to take a garbage bag each spring and pick up all the filth up and down the road. The "redneck" type around here aren't always too bright (which I suppose contributes to them doing this in teh first place)... a couple of years ago we came driving home onto our road one day - usually a nice pleasing to the eye experience... and found trash everywhere. I stopped to check it out and found several welfare papers with name and address floating around amongst all the mess. You'd recognize the family name. Needless to say, they weren't residents of our road, but were just detouring through to dispense of their trash... We went ahead and reported teh incident, the sherrif had an easy time catching up to them thanks to their "paper trail." Anyway, short story long there, WE AGREE and share in your disgust!

9:18 AM  
Blogger John Montana said...

when i steelhead fished a lot i carried a garbage sack with me to clean up this crap. litter isn't bad on the trout streams, but the gear guys leave stuff all over the place in the steelhead hotspots. it is sad.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Wendy Berrell said...

Ditch dumping is a major problem down here too - it's of a greater magnitude than streamside littering. People often see rural bridges as opportunities to dispose of old furniture... sickening. I didn't realize that people dumped by your place, but thinking about it, I'm not surprised. Last year I helped the county clean a truckload of garbage bags out of the Vermillion River... plent of soiled diapers and rotting food. It 10 minutes to dump it, and almost half a day to clean it up.

3:26 PM  
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