Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Micropterus salmoides

Some old discarded library book in my basement says approximately what basspro Wade Bourne says on the interweb: After casting a surface lure, an angler should wait at least 30 seconds before starting his retrieve. This allows spooky fish to get over the intrusion of the bait in their territory and to become curious or even enraged about its presence.  Murder was the case that they gave me.

Not a rule but an interesting note nonetheless.  I've seen bass eat poppers immediately after hitting the water; have seen them leap into air out of water to meet poppers before they even lay out.  But I've also watched bass flee the splat.  

Canoe on home lake, approx 6:30 AM.  Maybe 6:45.  Taped at 18.75 inches.  Not a lot to these fish after the take, but those can ge quite good. Also like the big mouth.
Little while later.  Cast was made and bulge-wake was observed.  Per literature, a fish fleeing.  At the count of 27 fish came back and sipped the popper; very gently sipped it.  Approx 16 inches; no tape applied after ball-parking.