Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Nordic Track

Cross-country skiing (also known as XC skiing) is a winter sport in which participants propel themselves across snow-covered terrain using skis and poles. It is popular in many countries with large snowfields, primarily Northern Europe, Canada, Alaska and the upper midwest United States.

We've got some snowfields of our own, here at the gateway to The Driftless Area. I've only been out fishing twice, and both rounds were minor bouts of ~3 hours each. This has been largely due to weather - bitter cold and/or poor traveling conditions. I have yet to see in person a midge sipped from a stream-top. That'll come though. We've got some 30 F days on the way. We've almost broken this coldass doldrum... a brighter time is in store! Looking forward to it. Wilted Spinach. Looking forward to it. Hot coffee at streamside coming soon.

Anyway, in lieu of fishing, some time has been spent learning to cross country ski. We grew up as alpine skiiers of sorts, so the transition is not too bad. I found a pair of boots for $0.50 and a set of skis and poles that were not marked at my Grandma's thrift store. When I asked how much the package would cost, I was told $5.00. Well, it is my Grandma's thrift store. I gave them all the cash I had in my wallet: $17.00 American. It's outcast equipment from the resort in my home town. I used to fit skis at said resort. I maybe handled these babies back in the mid-1990s... although we didn't pay much attention to the XC stuff, and it didn't get a lot of use.

Getting some use now though. Fifteen minute walk with skis on shoulder to edge of town... swap ski boots with hiking boots carried in backpack and take off. The "traditional" form is really running with skis on it seems. A little glide here and there. Pretty enjoyable. A nice way to traverse the woods.

The edge of town. I'd be hugely disappointed if there were an outlet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not trout hunting but it's not watching t.v. either! Good on ya. I want some of that stream side coffee.

It seems your co-worker Lindsey is taking my attempt at a beginners fly tying course. She handed over your card in class last night. She asked if I knew who you were, I laughed and smiled.

You going to be able to get out Sat? I want to but I'm watching my niece. I might on Sunday though.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Wendy Berrell said...

Funny coincidence on the student of your class. She sits ~15 feet from me during business hours. She is very excited to be part of your group. Genuinely excited about it, which is cool.

I am frustrated by the forecast: one warm day... that being Saturday, and I am obligated to do something other than fish. Get out and find some fish dimpling the water!

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Five total students all very interested, all very good people and all company I would take fishing. We are thinking about trying to get them out as a group on a warmer Sat in Feb/March after the tuesday night classes are over.

As for the Forecast we are both frustrated, I've been working longer hrs so I can sneak out on a weekday but I have to give notice and everytime I'm about to the weather changes or something comes up.

It's coming though, I'm going Sunday for sure, rain/snow/wind/shine/falling elves from fairy land, I will be casting a line.

9:24 AM  
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